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Lecture, 3 hours per week, Mo noon-2pm, Th 2pm-4pm, Hofmann; Tutorial, 2 hours per week, Tu 2pm-4pm, Schöpp


  • Date and time for the make up exam are now fixed. Please register at UniWorX.
  • The exam results are now available in UniWorX. If you would like to see your marked exam, you can do so at the following date:
      Thursday, 24 August, 6pm-7pm
      Room L109, Oettingenstr. 67
  • Please note the remarks for the examination below.
  • Note that there is no teaching at LMU on Whit Tuesday (June 6), so that there will be no tutorial on June 6.


The course provides an introduction to modern cryptography and covers both theoretical concepts and practical aspects. In particular, on the theory side we will get to know the basics of semantic security and rigorous proofs of security by reduction. On the practical side we will learn about popular cryptographic schemes like AES, RSA, and ECC as well as hash functions and digital signatures. If time permits we will also take a glimpse at cryptanalysis and at cryptographic protocols and their security.

The course is based on the book "Introduction to Modern Cryptography" by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell, Chapman & Hall, 2008.

The lectures will be presented on the whiteboard and there will therefore be no transparencies available for download. We will, however, indicate the sections of the textbook covered in each lecture and provide ASCII summaries of the material.


Place and Time

Lecture Monday, noon-2pm Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. 1, M 114 24.04.2017
Lecture Thursday, 2pm-4pm Schellingstr. 3, S 002
Tutorial Tuesday, 2pm-4pm Theresienstr. 41, C 111  02.05.2017

To reach the planned 3 hours per week, lectures will only be held on the dates shown in the table below. Tutorials are held every week.
Table is still provisional. Please check again later!

Nr Date Topic Sections in textbook Notes Lecturer
L1 24.04.17 Organisation, overview, historic ciphers:  shift cipher, frequency analysis 1.1-1.4 Ch.1 MH
L2 27.04.17 Vigenere cipher, one-time pad, Shannon's theorem  2

Ch. 2 (updated 05/05)

01.05.17 (Public holiday)
L3 04.05.17 Forms of attack, kpa, cpa etc. Semantic security 3.1, 3.2 Ch. 3 MH
08.05.17 x
11.05.17 x
L4 15.05.17 Pseudorandom generators 3.3 Ch. 4 MH
L5 18.05.17 Security against chosen plaintext attacks, pseudorandom functions 3.4 Ch. 5 MH
L6 22.05.17

Block ciphers, modes of operation

Optional: multiple encryptions from cpa-secure

3.6 Ch. 6 Ch. 6a MH
25.05.17 (Public holiday)
L7 29.05.17 Practical block ciphers. Principles: s/p- and Feistel networks 5.1, 5.2 Ch. 7 MH
L8 01.06.17 DES, AES 5.3-5.5 Ch. 8 MH
05.06.17 (Public holiday)
L9 08.06.17 Cryptanalysis 5.6, LSFR insecure (Buchmann) Ch. 9 (updated 12/06/17) MH
L10 12.06.17 Differential Cryptanalysis Message integrity, hashing 4.1-4.5 Ch. 10 MH
15.06.17 (Public holiday)
L11 19.06.17 Merkle-Damgard construction, SHA. MACs from hash functions and HMAC omitted. 4.6 Ch. 11 MH
L12 22.06.17 Number theory and hardness assumptions 7.1-7.3 Ch. 12 Sabine Bauer
L13 26.06.17 MACs from hash functions, HMAC (from Ch. 11). Diffie-Hellman key exchange, RSA 9, 10.5 Ch. 13 MH
L14 29.06.17 El Gamal, Elliptic curve cryptography 10.5 Ch. 14 MH
L15 03.07.17 Factoring and computing discrete logarithms 8 Ch. 15 MH
06.07.17 x x
10.07.17 x x
13.07.17 x x
17.07.17 x x
L16 20.07.17 Semantic security of public key cryptography with random oracles 13 Ch. 16 US
L17 24.07.17 Digital signatures, hash-and-sign 12 Ch. 17 MH
L18 27.07.17 Q&A. A glimpse at quantum and post quantum crypto (not relevant for exam)

PQCrypto: a portal on post quantum cryptography. Contains an instructive introductory book chapter by D Bernstein.


Legend: L means lecture.




  • Wednesday, 9 August, 10am - 12am
  • Room M 118, Main Building, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Make up Exam

  • Monday, 2 October, 4pm - 6pm
  • Room B U101, Oettingenstr. 67
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • The exam will begin once everyone is seated at around 16:10.
  • The examination is closed-book, i.e. no written notes or technical devices may be used in the examination.
  • Please bring the following:
    • Photo ID, e.g. ID-card, passport, driver's licence
    • Student ID
    • Pens (no green or red ink, no pencil) and other writing utensils. Paper will be supplied and may not be brought to the examination.

Participants that did not partake in the first exam are also allowed to register for the make-up exam, provided that they acknowledge that there will not be third exam offered. 

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