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Steffen Jost, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Kevin Hammond, Norman Scaife, and Martin Hofmann (2009)

Carbon Credits" for Resource-Bounded Computations Using Amortised Analysis

In: FM, pp. 354-369.

Bounding resource usage is important for a number of areas, notably real-time embedded systems and safety-critical systems. In this paper, we present a fully automatic static$~$ type-based analysis for inferring upper bounds on resource usage for programs involving general algebraic datatypes and full recursion. Our method can easily be used to bound any$~$ countable resource, without needing to revisit proofs. We apply the analysis to the important metrics of worst-case execution time, stack- and heap-space usage. Our results from several realistic embedded control applications demonstrate good matches between our inferred bounds and measured worst-case costs for heap and stack usage. For time usage we infer good bounds for one$~$ application. Where we obtain less tight bounds, this is due to the use of software floating-point libraries.



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