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Martin Hofmann (2003)

Certification of Memory Usage

In: Theoretical Computer Science, 8th Italian Conference, ICTCS 2003, Bertinoro, Italy, October 13-15, 2003, Proceedings, ed. by Carlo Blundo and Cosimo Laneve, vol. 2841, pp. 21, Springer. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (ISBN: 3-540-20216-1).

We describe a type-based approach for inferring heap space usage of certain functional programs and a mechanism for generating certificates as to the thus inferred memory consumption in the form of proofs in a VDM-style program logic fore Java bytecode (Java bytecode being the target of compilation). This gives a current snapshot of our work in the EU-funded project ‘Mobile Resource Guaranteesʼ between LMU-Munich and LFCS Edinburgh.

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