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Kevin Hammond, Roy Dyckhoff, Christian Ferdinand, Reinhold Heckmann, Martin Hofmann, Steffen Jost, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Greg Michaelson, Robert F Pointon, Norman Scaife, Jocelyn Sérot, and Andy Wallace (2005)

The Embounded project (project start paper)

In: Revised Selected Papers from the Sixth Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming, TFP 2005, Tallinn, Estonia, 23-24 September 2005., ed. by Marko C. J. D. van Eekelen, vol. 6, pp. 195-210, Intellect. Trends in Functional Programming (ISBN: 978-1-84150-176-5).

This paper introduces the EU Framework VI EmBounded project, a €1.3M project that will develop static analyses for resource-bounded computations (both space and time) in real-time$~$ embedded systems using the domainspecific language Hume,a language that combines functional programming for computations with finite-state automata for specifying reactive systems.

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