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David Aspinall, Stephen Gilmore, Martin Hofmann, Donald Sannella, and Ian Stark (2004)

Mobile Resource Guarantees for Smart Devices

In: Construction and Analysis of Safe, Secure, and Interoperable Smart Devices, International Workshop, CASSIS 2004, Marseille, France, March 10-14, 2004, Revised Selected Papers, ed. by Gilles Barthe and Lilian Burdy and Marieke Huisman and Jean-Louis Lanet and Traian Muntean, vol. 3362, pp. 1-26, Springer. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (ISBN: 3-540-24287-2).

We present the Mobile Resource Guarantees framework: a system for ensuring that downloaded programs are free from run-time violations of resource bounds. Certificates are attached to code in the form of efficiently checkable proofs of resource bounds; in contrast to cryptographic certificates of code origin, these are independent of trust networks. A novel programming language with resource constraints encoded in function types is used to streamline the generation of proofs of resource usage.

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