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  1. Review of Michal Garlík and Leszek A. Kołodziejczyk: Some Subsystems of Constant-Depth Frege with Parity. Mathematical Reviews MR3890926.
  2. Review of Paul Beame, Chris Beck and Russell Impagliazzo: Time-Space Tradeoffs in Resolution: Superpolynomial Lower Bounds for Sublinear Space. Mathematical Reviews MR3542025.
  3. Review of Ryan Williams: Faster Decision of First-Order Graph Properties. Mathematical Reviews MR3397701.
  4. Review of Olaf Beyersdorff, Leroy Chew and Karteek Sreenivasaiah: A Game Characterisation of Tree-like Q-Resolution Size. Mathematical Reviews MR3344826.
  5. Review of Yijia Chen and Jörg Flum: On Optimal Inverters. Mathematical Reviews MR3230822.
  6. Review of Arnold Beckmann and Samuel R. Buss: Characterising Definable Search problems in Bounded Arithmetic via Proof Notations. Mathematical Reviews MR2867558.
  7. Review of Alasdair Urquhart: A near-optimal separation of regular and general resolution. Mathematical Reviews MR2783204 (2012j:03137).
  8. Review of Emil Jeřábek: A sorting network in bounded arithmetic. Mathematical Reviews MR2747053 (2012e:03134).
  9. Review of Emil Jeřábek: On theories of bounded arithmetic for NC1. Mathematical Reviews MR2747052 (2012e:03133).
  10. Review of Nicola Galesi and Massimo Lauria: On the automatizability of Polynomial Calculus. Mathematical Reviews MR2652027 (2011k:68044).
  11. Review of Leszek Kołodziejczyk and Neil Thapen: The polynomial and linear hierarchies in V0. Mathematical Reviews MR2568761 (2011h:03125).
  12. Review of Eli Ben-Sasson: Size-space tradeoffs for resolution. Mathematical Reviews MR2506301 (2011a:68035).
  13. Review of Olaf Beyersdorff: On the correspondence between arithmetic theories and propositional proof systems - a survey. Mathematical Reviews MR2510275 (2010j:03068).
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  15. Review of Leszek Kołodziejczyk and Neil Thapen: The polynomial and linear hierarchies in models where the weak pigeonhole principle fails. Mathematical Reviews MR2414466 (2009g:03092).
  16. Review of Grzegorz Herman, Tim Paterson and Michael Soltys: A propositional proof system with quantification over permutations. Mathematical Reviews MR2346238 (2008m:03121).
  17. Review of Joost J. Joosten: Propositional proof systems and fast consistency provers. Mathematical Reviews MR2336354 (2008k:03065).
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  21. Review of Arnold Beckmann: Generalised Dynamic Ordinals - universal measures for implicit computational complexity. Mathematical Reviews MR2258702 (2007k:03160).
  22. Review of Michael Soltys: LA, permutations, and the Hajós Calculus. Mathematical Reviews MR2181385 (2006h:03053)
  23. Review of Arnold Beckmann: Uniform proof complexity. Mathematical Reviews MR2157726 (2006d:03102)