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Steffen Jost, The Advance Project

TCS Oberseminar, 12.11.10, 14:15
Wann 14:15 15:00 12.11.2010
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We give an overview over the EU funded IST research project ADVANCE (ADVANCE stands for Asynchronous and Dynamic Virtualisation through performance ANalysis to support Concurrency Engineering) which has started in February 2010. The project addresses the dynamic adaptation of concurrent applications based on statistical performance feedback. The Advance project will develop a new and advanced cost-directed hardware virtualisation technology to map programs onto emerging multi-core/many-core hardware architectures in a way that is both flexible and transparent to the programmer, but which, nevertheless, respects the programmers’ expectations and requirements on extra-functional properties, such as resource utilisation or power consumption.

The talk will focus on the declarative coordination language S-Net that allows to describe streaming networks of asynchronous components. S-Net allows to combine and coordinate program modules written in different, unspecified programming languages. It is the goal of the participating research group located at St Andrews to devise a probabilistic analysis for S-Net that allows an automatic re-organisation of S-Net systems to increase efficiency according to the available resources, such a processing cores. The analysis will be employed both at compile-time and a runtime.

Partners participating in the ADVANCE Project are: BioID GmbH, SAP GmbH, Software Comptence Center Hagenberg, Univ. van Amsterdam, Univ. of Hertfordshire (Leader), Univ. of St Andrews, and Univ. of Twente.


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