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Markus Latte, Separation Results for XCTL

TCS Oberseminar 28.01.2011, 14:15
Wann 14:15 15:15 28.01.2011
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Wo L109
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Markus Latte,
Separation Results for XCTL

XCTL[A] is an extension of CTL which refines the temporal until and
release operators with formal languages in A.  In this way, XCTL can
express non-regular properties, in contrast to CTL.
  For regular, visibly pushdown and deterministic context-free
languages, the separation of the respective XCTL can be proven by
automata-theoretic techniques.  However, these techniques introduce
non-determinism on the automata side.  As non-determinism is also the
difference between DCFL and CFL, these techniques seem to be
inappropriate to separate XCTL[DCFL] from XCTL[CFL].  Nevertheless, we
show the separation of DCFL from CFL for the EF/AG-fragment of XCTL.


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