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Dulma Rodriguez, Type Inference for RAJA: New Developments

TCS Oberseminar 21.01.2011, 14:15
Wann 14:15 15:15 21.01.2011
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Wo L109
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Type inference for RAJA: New developments.

RAJA is a type system for static amortised analysis of heap-space requirements for Java style object-oriented programs. Our current research aims at providing fully automatic resource usage inference based on a constraint-based type inference. The analysis is modular and comprises two steps:

  1. Finding the resource-usage constraints of the methods by analysing the code.
  2. Solving the constraints using linear programming.
The analysis can be performed in a modular manner, by introducing polymorphic method types that can be inferred locally. In this talk we show some of the new developments in this work which is still in progress. We provide some minor changes in the typing rules and in the definition of subtyping that were necessary in order to simplify the type inference. Further we show some of the improvements in the constraint generation rules and in the procedure for eliminating variables from constraints.



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