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Brigitte Pientka, Beluga^mu: Programming proofs in context

TCS Oberseminar, Mittwoch, 31.07.2013 14:15 Uhr in L109
Wann 14:15 15:15 31.07.2013
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Wo L109
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Brigitte Pientka
Beluga^mu: Programming proofs in context

We extend a general purpose functional language with support for programming with binders and contexts by refining the type system of ML with a restricted form of dependent types where index objects are drawn from contextual LF. This allows programmers to specify formal systems and proofs within the logical framework LF using higher-order abstract syntax and avoids common and tricky routines dealing with variables, such as capture-avoiding substitution and renaming. In addition, programmers, can index ML types with contexts and contextual LF objects allowing users to define relations between them. This leads to a powerful language, Beluga^mu which supports manipulating and analyzing contexts and contextual LF objects. To illustrate the elegance and effectiveness of our language, we give concise programs for closure conversion and weak normalization.


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