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Lecture, 3 hours per week, Mo noon-2pm, Th 2pm-4pm, Hofmann; Tutorial, 2 hours per week, Tu 2pm-4pm, Schöpp


  • Please register for this course at UniWorX.


To be announced.


Place and Time

Lecture Monday, noon-2pm Oettingenstr. 67, 123 24.04.2017
Lecture Thursday, 2pm-4pm Schellingstr. 3 (S), S 227
Tutorial Wednesday, noon-2pm Theresienstr. 41, C 111  02.05.2017

To reach the planned 3 hours per week, lectures will only be held on the dates shown in the table below. Tutorials are held every week.
Table is still provisional. Please check again later!

Nr Date Topic Sections in textbook
L1 24.04.17 x x
L2 27.04.17 x x
01.05.17 (Public holiday)
L3 04.05.17 x x
L4 08.05.17 x x
L5 11.05.17 x x
L6 15.05.17 x x
L7 18.05.17 x x
L8 22.05.17 x x
25.05.17 (Public holiday)
L9 29.05.17 x x
L10 01.06.17 x x
05.06.17 (Public holiday)
L11 08.06.17 x x
L12 12.06.17 x x
15.06.17 (Public holiday)
L13 19.06.17 x x
L14 22.06.17 x
L15 26.06.17 x x
L16 29.06.17 x x
L17 03.07.17 x x
L18 06.07.17 x x
L19 10.07.17 x x
L20 13.07.17 x x
L21 17.07.17 x x
L22 20.07.17 x x
L23 24.07.17 x x
L24 27.07.17 Slack, Revision

Legend: L means lecture.


Exercise sheets will be available on UniWorX



The course will be graded by a written exam.

There will be a make-up exam at the beginning of the winter term. Details to follow here. Participants that did not partake in the first exam are also allowed to register for the make-up exam, provided that they acknowledge that there will not be third exam offered. 

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